VIDEO: Hidden Cam Shows Leftist Students Destroying Conservative Signs

Ferlon Webster Jr. | March 18, 2019
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After a security camera — intended for preventing vandalism — broke in a well traveled hallway at the University of Minnesota-Morris (UMM), Conservative Republicans noticed their often vandalized fliers continued to disappear. 

Tayler Lehmann, UMM College Republicans President, claims the group has been experiencing this for years and despite their complaints the issue has never been resolved.  

“It’s been happening since I stepped foot on campus as a freshman and nothing got done,” Lehmann told The College Fix. “Part of the time the cameras didn’t work and people just kept taking down our posters. I guess we got fed up with it and we thought of a way to handle it ourselves.”

The students decided to install a hidden camera in a locker across from the posted signs to expose the perpetrators. 

"I talked to campus police here at Morris and asked if it was okay to put up a secret camera," Lehmann told Campus Reform. "They said there was nothing wrong with it so we put one up."

It only two a few weeks for the College Republicans to gather a montage of liberal students having a field day with their fliers. 

The video shows multiple instances where students either took down the College Republicans posters or vandalized the flyers with a black marker. Some students were even looking around to make sure they wouldn’t be caught — having no idea, just weeks later — thousands of people would be watching them on video. 

Lehmann turned over the video to campus police and says the security camera in that UMM hallway has been fixed. As for what happened to the supposed vandals…

In an email statement to The College Fix, UMM’s spokesperson Melissa D’Aloia said, “campus police conducted an investigation regarding the fliers. Once that investigation was complete, all evidence gathered was turned over to the Stevens County Attorney’s Office… The decision on how to proceed is determined within that office and thus we are not able to comment.”

I wonder if these students will face any discipline for their action? I kind of doubt it but one things for certain: momma should have told these kids to stop taking things that aren’t theirs. 

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