Video: German Mayor Downplays Migrant Violence: 'Don't Provoke Them'

Nick Kangadis | February 1, 2016
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(Image: Reuters)

Apparently, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has brainwashed the mayors of German towns to adopt her “nothing but love for refugees” mantra.

In the town of Bad Schlema, concerned parents worried about their daughters with the rise of Muslim migrant violence even held a town meeting to question local authorities about the potential threat. In a video from the event uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, one student's grandfather asked the mayor about the rise of migrant violence.

“My granddaughter, she’s under 10 (years old), and it also happened in a nearby town, the girls have been harassed by the refugee ‘children,’ the asylum seekers, and they get harassed from the windows (of the shelter) and things like that. How will this be in the summer when the girls wear less clothing?” the man asked Mayor Jens Müller.

Müller's response was nothing short of jaw-dropping.

“That’s easy," he said. "Just don’t provoke them and don’t walk in these areas.”

The crowd of parents erupted in anger, with one yelling out, “Oh! In your own country! You can’t even walk in your own city anymore!”

The enraged throng of people kept shouting out at Müller, but the mayor kept deflecting blame, even suggesting the children take an alternative route to school before he quickly diverted the hostility by simply saying, “Next question.”

For the full video of the incident, watch below:



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