VIDEO: Even Gay Rights Supporters Find Dan Savage Comments Hateful

danjoseph | May 11, 2015
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Dan Savage is one of the most provocative voices of the gay rights movement.  He is a commentator, an activist, an author - and is slated to have his very own sitcom on ABC.

Despite Savage's legions of fans within the gay community, the star has a history of making statements about those who he disagrees with politically that any sane person would find absolutely odious, vulgar and vitriolic.

For example, Savage once opined that a Pennsylvania senate candidate, Carl Romanelli "should be dragged behind a pickup truck until there's nothing left but the road."

Nice, huh?  

He also led a campaign to turn Rick Santorum's last name into a slang term for something so vile that it can not be described on this website. 

Savage has a long history of engaging in this type of rhetoric, all in the name of shaming those who don't buy into his agenda.

Recently, MRCTV traveled down to the Supreme Court where oral arguments were being held in the most recent case surrounding gay marriage.  We presented some of the gay rights activists with some of Savage's most disturbing quotes, without revealing that it was Savage who had made the statements.  Here's what happened:

Despite his propensity for hateful speech, many of the activists told us that they maintained their admiration for Savage and told us that they had no problem giving someone with a history of making these types of disturbing statements his own show on a major network. Meanwhile, there was no shortage of criticism for the pro-traditional marriage protesters present at the rally, whose signs and rhetoric were deemed to be "hateful" by gay marriage supporters.

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