Video-Earnest: GOP Taking 'Donald Trump Approach' to Budget Debates

Nick Kangadis | February 5, 2016
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(Image: Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

On Friday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest took a few shots at Republicans, including a veiled shot at GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Shortly after President Obama made an address and took two questions from the media, Earnest took the podium and began fielding questions.

Earnest responded to the question, "Are you aware that the Chairman of the House and Senate Budget Committees have said that they are not going to hold a hearing on the president's budget proposal when he sends it up there next week?"

Earnest answered:

I guess the future is pretty dim if you have Republicans in Congress unwilling to even talk about the budget with the White House [...] It says a lot of things I think. It certainly does raise some questions about how serious Republicans actually are about governing the country [...] You know, maybe they're taking the Donald Trump approach to debates about the budget. They're just not gonna show up.

 For Josh Earnest's full response, watch below



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