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VIDEO: Democratic Official Records Herself Harassing Cops Who Pulled Over 'People of Color'


A Democratic official recorded herself harassing police officers after they pulled over a “person of color” for having bad registration.

Mary Ellen Sikes, secretary for the Weston Democratic Town Committee in Massachusetts, has made a habit of being a savior to "people of color" as they encounter police officers. 

The Democrat most recently posted a video to her YouTube channel showing her interference with officers conducting a traffic stop. The video published Aug. 3 entitled, “Your tax dollars at work,” was recorded in July, according to the YouTube description. 

“Do you feel like you were pulled over for a good reason?” Sikes asked a woman.

“Yeah,” the woman stated. “Not a good reason at all.”

“Not a good reason?” Sikes asked. “What did they tell you they pulled you over for?”

“Nothing,” the woman replied. “They just said my registration is popping up suspended.”

So, there was a valid reason for which she was pulled over. Hm.

After gaining the information she sought, Sikes approached an officer to accuse him of racially profiling people she didn’t know during an incident she had limited knowledge of.

“Hey, I’m a Weston resident and I’ve had many people of color pulled over in Weston because they’ve had less than luxury cars and things like that,” Sikes said to the officer. “I look at her license plate and I see ’21’ so is there a reason you checked her license plate?”

The officer proceeded to explain the basics of traffic stops to the liberal woman, saying, officers can check registration for any reason they choose. But that wasn’t good enough for Sikes. 

“Okay, well I can’t help but notice that these are people of color that you put their plate in,” she continued.

They always notice the “color,” right?

“Do you have any issue going on right now?” the other officer on duty asked her. “Because I need you to back up. We’re conducting an investigation, you can back up.”

Here’s some of their exchange:

Sikes: Are you the one that ran the plate?

Officer: I did.

Sikes: Ok, and why is the reason you run the plate? [Yes, those are her words.]

Officer: Because I run plates all day.

Sikes: Uh-huh… Yeah… [Laughs not knowing what to say].

Officer: You see people that are African-American, you think they were stopped based on their color.

Sikes: Yes.

Officer: I’m sorry you live your life that way.

Sikes: Ok, uh…

The liberal Democrat couldn’t come up with a response. 

Sikes is a woman who appears to have the “white guilt” complex. This “disease” always seems to create an obsession within a liberal advocate which pushes them to rush to the aid of blacks — and other “people of color” — even when they don’t need it. As Jason L. Riley said, “Please Stop Helping Us.”

Take a look at the video below:

H/T: Blue Lives Matter

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