Video Challenge: Baby Terrified By His Mother Blowing Her Nose

Stephen Gutowski | March 16, 2011
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The winner of yesterday's Eyebrow Dog video challenge is Free Republic's MomwithHope who came up with this:

My political analogy is the owner of the dog is Obama. He gave the dog (us) eyebrows, something a dog doesn't need or want. Obama gave us Obamacare which we either need or want. The he tries to reward us so we buy into the entitlement culture. So Obama - treat giver. Dog - us. Eyebrows- Obamacare. Treats - more government handouts. Don't we look ridiculous?? so am I onto something or have I just been up since 3am.
America with Obamacare is like a dog with eyebrows? I do think you're on to something and I like it. Anyway to claim your prize just email us your mailing address and we will send you your bumper sticker! Anyway today's challenge is to find the political analogy in this cute baby becoming terrified of his mother blowing her nose. So basically we have a baby who is easily scared by something innocuous. Find the political analogy!

Good luck! If you have the best political analogy for the video you will get a free Media Research Center bumper sticker!

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