VIDEO: ‘Army Of Parents’ Fight For Notification Of Merit Awards

Jessica Kramer | January 30, 2023
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At least 16 Northern Virginia high schools reportedly failed to notify parents and students of who won National Merit awards in a timely manner.  

Elicia Brand, a Loudoun County Mother, and co-founder of Army of Parents, says whether the withholding or delay of notification of these awards was by design or by accident, it is still theft of children’s futures. She believes schools should be investigated and held criminally liable.

Award recognition from the National Merit Scholarship Program can help students receive scholarships and boost their college applications since they have been recognized for their academic achievement and demonstrated success in other areas.

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In early January, Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares launched an investigation on against Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology for unlawful discrimination. After some parents alleged the school never notified students about the award, so students that failed to receive the award didn’t have their feelings “hurt.”

Five days later the investigation into TJHS started, it was expanded to include the entire Fairfax County Public Schools system.

Brand discusses the latest developments in murky merit issue with MRCTV.

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