VIDEO: Abortion Supporter Damages Pro-Life Group's Property, Hailed a 'Hero'

Ferlon Webster Jr. | July 16, 2019
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An abortion-supporting woman was caught on video vandalizing pro-life displays at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and was later caught by police.

In April, the pro-life group Created Equal said one of their members was attacked by the woman, now known as Sasha Timofeeva.

The video shows the pro-abortion woman rushing to spray paint pro-life signs which exposed the true nature of the abortion procedure. 

“F**k you. They’re triggering,” Timofeeva said in response to a Created Equal member asking her to stop her attack. “They hurt people.”

The woman is then seen running around in a circle around the sign painting over what she couldn’t stand. 

“Ma’am, ma’am. Don’t do this,” the pro-life supporter said to her.

“F**k you and your stupid signs,” she responded.

As the act was seen by students on the campus, a female student shouted to the pro-abortion activist, “Thank you! Yes, honey, you’re my hero,” which only encouraged the spray painting abortion lover to continue her disdainful actions.

Timofeeva eventually left and was later detained by police. In the video with officers interviewing her, she seems to be proud of her antics while holding a child in her arms.

“Can you just give me a little bit of a rundown of what happened today?” the officer asked her.

“I just got mad at them and then painted them,” she said. “I grabbed the paint and I drove back there.”

“Like three girls walked by and they said that I’m a hero,” she said with laughter. “So it was causing a little bit of a scene.”

She then admitted that she damaged Created Equal’s property but said she didn’t care about how they felt about it.

The officers in the room told her that she could go to jail for this but they instead issued her two misdemeanor citations and a forfeiture citation for graffiti, disorderly conduct, and assaultive behavior for shoving the pro-lifer. She was also stamped with a mandatory court date.

As The Blaze reports,

Court records show Timofeeva was found guilty last month of assaultive behavior stemming from the incident. Timofeeva, who turned 22 in June, still owes $358 for the assaultive behavior charge as of Monday morning.

H/T: The Blaze

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