Victory! Washington Post Settles Defamation Suit with Covington Student Nick Sandmann

Nick Kangadis | July 24, 2020

Despite the financial details not being released, the media-persecuted student from Kentucky’s Covington Catholic High School has received another piece of justice. It’s still not enough for the abuse that now 18-year-old Nick Sandmann had to endure at the hands of the rabid, radical media.

Sandmann announced on Twitter on Friday that, along with celebrating his 18th birthday, his lawyers and the Washington Post settled the $250 million defamation lawsuit that Sandmann filed against the outlet.

Sandmann settled his lawsuit with CNN back in January for an undisclosed amount. NBC Universal, among others, has also had a defamation lawsuit filed against them by Sandmann’s attorneys.

The upcoming freshman at Tulane University also tweeted that his “fight isn’t over” just yet, going so far as to call out Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.


Sandmann was at the center of the news world in early 2019 after selectively edited video was used by the radical media in order to accost him for standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial while wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat and having racist slurs hurled at him by Black Hebrew Israelites, all while a Native American agitator posing as an activist beat a drum in his face.

As a reminder, here's video of the situation - unedited - that put this story in the national spotlight (WARNING: Strong language):