VICE: If The New Joker Movie Sucks, It'll Be Trump's Fault

Brittany M. Hughes | June 6, 2018
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Every time I think the left has reached peak Trump Derangement Syndrome, they come down with brand new symptoms.

Exhibit A: VICE News, who apparently thinks Hollywood making crappy movies about fictional comic book characters is all Donald Trump’s fault.

Here’s a tweet from these poor fools, who’re so bent out of shape over Trump that they’ve managed to shove their own heads straight up their…never mind.

"The Trump era demands a Joker film that's so bad it's scary. And that's what we'll get," VICE claims in the article. (Yeah, I clicked, for professional purposes. I didn't want to.)

So if this wholly unnecessary (and it all likelihood, totally sucktacular) stand-alone Joker movie ends up being predictably awful, it’ll be Trump’s fault. Just like rape culturefat people, and Roseanne Barr's personal tweets.

Here’s what Twitter thinks about VICE's theory.

We don't really need to wait for the movie to come out now, VICE. Looks like the joke's already on you. 

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