Very Enlightening: Pop Activist Taylor Swift Calls Out the White House During MTV VMA Speech

Nick Kangadis | August 27, 2019
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The bubble that politicians, people in Hollywood and the music industry and the sports world is getting larger, most likely because their “utopia” involves two kinds of people — the haves and the have-nots. The haves preach to the rest of us from their podiums where they accept meaningless awards for substandard music and films. It’s become less about the art they got into and more about being “woke,” whatever the heck that means at this point.

Left-wing activist, and maker of whatever you want to call her music, Taylor Swift took to the stage Monday evening at the MTV Video Music Awards to thank fans for voting for a video that she thinks means “you want a world where we’re all treated equally.”

Essentially, Swift shunned equality of opportunity in order to promote equality of outcome. Swift used her time on the stage to promote the Equality Act, which “prohibits discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity.”

"I want to thank everyone who signed that petition because it now has half-a-million signatures, which is five times the amount that it would need to warrant a response from the White House," Swift said, seemingly calling out the Trump administration.

Watch below to see Swift virtue signal all over the stage:


Doesn’t that just get you all misty-eyed? I know I’ve got the vapors. I especially loved the part where she told everyone why they voted for her video.

Swift has become increasingly political over the last year or two, and I say, good for her! We need celebrities to come out and prove how little they actually know about real society, not the make believe world that they inhabit.

They speak down to everyone from their ivory towers, holding their awards they won for not really doing much of anything. While Swift tells everyone that disagrees with her that they “need to calm down,” her and other leftists ramp up their rhetoric against half the country — which included people who probably used to listen to her music until she insulted them in the video that won the award that granted her the opportunity to grace us with her “tolerance.”

When it comes to the pop princess, I just shake her off. See what I did there?

H/T: Breitbart