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NOT A DRILL: DHS Says a Venezuelan Leader May Be Plotting To Assassinate Marco Rubio


A memo from the Department of Homeland Security revealed officials believe that Diosdado Cabello Rondon, a high-level Venezuelan politician who may be in control of the country's security forces, may be orchestrating an assassination plot against Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. 

The Miami Herald was the first to report on the memo, which claimed that the Venezuelan politician believed to have launched the plot planned to use Mexican nationals to carry it out. Federal authorities have not been able to substantiate the threat as of yet, but measures have been taken to provide Rubio with protection.

Rubio has been a key figure in the application of U.S. pressure on the failing state of Venezuela, comparing the crisis to the oppression his family faced in their native Cuba. Rubio has engaged in Twitter spats with Cabello, maintained that Cabello is linked to drug smuggling operations, and has repeatedly disavowed the Venezuelan government and its relationship with Cuba. 

Rubio has also been at the forefront of a campaign to sanction Venezuela's oil imports, a move that would drastically affect the Maduro administration.

Cabello is a former army lieutenant who was a firm supporter of President Hugo Chavez and today maintains a position as a delegate in the all-new but very suspect constituent assembly. 

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