Vegans Can't Take a Joke From Hyundai's Super Bowl Ad

Ferlon Webster Jr. | February 4, 2019

Vegans are complaining that Hyundai went too far in their creative Super Bowl ad this weekend.

In a humorous commercial clearly intended to depict the uncomfortableness and frustration of undesirable situations, the car company showed a couple on their journey to the often very long process of “car shopping.”

The ad starts off with the couple entering an elevator full of people looking to reach an undesirable but necessary location. On their way to shopping for a new vehicle the couple encountered destinations from jury duty, to a root canal, all the way to a teen having “the talk” with his father. So, basically places most people would like to avoid if they can.
Vegans were ticked off when they were added to the list as a “vegan dinner party.” 

Elevator Attendant: Vegan dinner party, is that even a thing?

Vegan Host: We’re having beet loaf, Sergio’s specialty.

Sergio: Why thank you.

After this short dialogue, the husband and wife attending the party tried to pretend excitement but the husband couldn’t help but gag. You know this set the meatless eaters off.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), no surprise, were at the front on the line to express their dissent for the commercial (before it’s release on TV), tweeting, “Instead of buying a car from people with outdated ideas, we suggest a vegan Smartcar by Mercedes.” 

The offense was real.

Other vegans chimed in on Twitter as well, showing their inability to take a joke.

As Business Insider reports, a Hyundai representative stated they hoped “vegans have a sense of humor just like dentists, parents, judges and flight attendants, the others stops represented on 'the elevator.”

Well that hope from Hyundai looks more like a fantasy that will never be fulfilled. Our world is becoming more sensitive and resistant to humor as the clock ticks, and unfortunately that looks to be an upward trend.