Vegan Protesters Make Butcher Shop Put Up Sign Against Butchering Animals

ashley.rae | August 4, 2017
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Direct Action Everywhere, which has recently held protests against Chick-fil-A and fishermen, has coerced a butcher shop in Berkeley, Calif. into putting up a sign claiming killing animals — even for meat consumption — is violent.

The San Francisco Eater reports the Local Butcher Shop capitulated to demands by Direct Action Everywhere after the group protested in front of the store for approximately four months during the store's butchering classes. During the protests, demonstrators pretended to be cuts of meat and wrapped themselves in plastic wrap and fake blood, sand songs, and held vigils.

A sign now hangs in the window that reads, “Attention: Animals’ lives are their own right. Killing them is violent and unjust, no matter how it’s done.”

While Direct Action Everywhere calls the concession “most unexpected,” the sign was written by their organization.

Direct Action Everywhere Organizer Matt Johnson told the Washington Post, “If it was up to us, it would be very front, very center.”

“As it is now, it’s on one of the windows that is off to the side,” he added.

Although the store gave into the demand to put up the sign, Johnson said, “We haven’t committed to never protesting there again,” stating, “We don’t want that sign to be there forever, because we want that business to eventually not be killing animals.”

The San Francisco Eater reports the protesters have since moved to protesting the meat department at the Safeway across the street.

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