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Vandal Decapitates a Jesus Statue At an Indiana Church


A Pentecostal church in Indianapolis has been left scratching their heads after finding their Jesus statue decapitated – twice.

That’s right: some twisted loser with nothing better to do with his (or her) time lobbed off the concrete head of Christ twice in just two weeks in a clearly deliberate and hateful act of vandalism. (I’ll avoid the obvious question: “Can you imagine if this had been a Mohammed statue at the door of a mosque?”)

According to FOX59 in Indianapolis, the statue has stood outside the door of the 100-year-old Cottage Avenue Pentecostal Fellowship for about five years. About two weeks ago, parishioners showed up to find their statue completely broken at the neck and its head on the ground. Church members reattached the head on Saturday.

By Sunday morning, the congregation arrived to find the statue broken yet again – this time, with the head completely missing.

Despite the juvenile nature of this crime, Pastor Brad Flaskamp said he doesn’t think the vandal is a kid.

“I can tell you that I don’t think it’s kids,” said Pastor Flaskamp, according to FOX59. “It would have to be a kid that can wield a sledgehammer.”

Local police have opened an investigation, but told the local news outlet they’re not optimistic about finding the culprit unless someone in the neighborhood comes forward with information.

But here’s perhaps the most amazing part of this whole story. From FOX59:

As the investigation continues, church members say they just want the head returned. Pastor Flaskamp says if the suspect brings the head back and confesses to the crime, the pastor won’t even call police on the person.

“I’d say we love you, we’d love to have the statue head back and we’d love to have you in our church,” Flaskamp said. “We’d welcome them, we’d forgive them. That’s what it’s all about.”

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