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Even CNN's Van Jones Says The Left ‘Exhausts’ Itself ‘Freaking Out About Everything Trump Does’


Even liberal CNN commentator Van Jones says his fellow liberals spend too much time “freaking out about … everything that [President] Donald Trump does."

“Liberals and progressives spend so much time freaking out about every tweet, everything that Donald Trump does. Everyday is Armageddon. And then, when somebody comes in that might bring us Armageddon, we’re out of adjectives,” said Jones on “State of the Union.”

While discussing with a panel Trump’s recent appointment of John Bolton as national security adviser, Jones said that he thinks Americans should be worried. 

"Bolton is a warmonger as best I can tell and is not afraid of getting into a nuclear exchange with North Korea and Iran ... And I’m very concerned," he said of the former U.N. ambassador. 

Jones said, however, that thanks to the constant meltdowns over every move Trump has made since he took office, the left has “exhausted ourselves” to the point that no one will take them seriously, even if their concerns are warranted.

"I think Bolton is very dangerous, and I think we've exhausted ourselves on everything else," Jones said. "This is a very important development in our country."

Jones has been known to criticize the President on a daily basis. It says a lot if even Jones thinks the left needs to take a step back and rethink its anti-Trump strategy.  

H/T Fox News Insider

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