VA Teacher Who Stood Firm On Correct Pronouns Wins Big In Court

P. Gardner Goldsmith | June 9, 2021
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MRCTV has an update to a story we covered on June 2, a story about a gutsy Virginia public school teacher who got in trouble for saying he will do what teachers for generations have tried to tell students to do: use pronouns correctly.

If you got to read the first story, you’ll know that Elementary School gym teacher Byron “Tanner” Cross, who works in Leesburg, Virginia, first appeared May 25 at the overseeing Loudoun County School Board meeting to oppose its plan called Draft Policy 8040, which would make teachers comply with the great overlords at the Virginia State Board of Education to, in part, use a students' "preferred pronouns" that correspond to their gender “identity."

For that, Cross was put on “paid administrative leave.” And he had to muster up cash to fight it in court.

Now, he has won his first victory as a plaintiff against the government trying to force him to pretend that biologically male people can be called “she” or “her” and biologically female people can be called “he” or “him.”

As the Loudoun Times-Mirror reports:

A Loudoun County Circuit Court Judge granted a temporary injunction reinstating a suspended Leesburg Elementary School teacher who had said publicly he would not refer to transgender students by their chosen names or pronouns.

Circuit Court Judge Jim Plowman Jr. issued his decision to reinstate Byron ‘Tanner’ Cross in a June 8 opinion, following a three-hour hearing on Friday.

In the order for an injunction against the government suspension of Cross, Judge Plowman wrote:

The court finds that the plaintiff's speech and religious continent are central to the determination made by the defendants to suspend plaintiff's employment.


Curiously, the people who acted so quickly to yank Cross out of school, the people who want to command that he use terms that are incorrect… they had nothing to say.

Wayde Byard, public information officer for the school system, told the Times-Mirror in an email that Loudoun County Public Schools has no comment on the judge’s decision.

Surely, if they can pretend that males are female, and try to force others to do the same, the Loudoun County Public School bureaucrats could simply pretend that they emerged victorious from the court today. Surely, they could role-play at winning, just as they want their tax-funded school employees to role-play at whether students are biologically male or female…

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Matters such as these are not whimsical or prosaic. They are fundamentally important, and reflect the inherent problem of tax-funded schools.

Forcing a person – be it a student, or a teacher – to use a pronoun is just the proverbial tip of the statist iceberg when it comes to the FORCE of the overall system.

And, until people realize that government-run schools are predicated on force and tax thievery, the underlying immorality and the lack of competition will continue to see conflicts arise as different groups fight over how the tax-funded system will be run.

Mr. Cross has won, for now. 

When will the taxpayers be winners, and free to withhold their cash from such a corrupt system as that which set the bureaucracy upon Mr. Cross, and which wants to pretend the bureaucrats can make words mean anything they desire?

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