Va. Shooter Raged Against Republicans In 2012 Letters To the Editor

Nick Kangadis | June 14, 2017
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“They speak their lies and hatred and misdirection to anyone who will listen.”

Those were just some of the chilling words written by Alexandria shooter James T. Hodgkinson in 2012 to the Belleville News-Democrat in his home state of Illinois.

Hodgkinson apparently wrote multiple letters to the editor of his hometown paper, vilifying anything and everything remotely related to Republicans.

“I have never said 'life sucks,' only the policies of the Republicans,” Hodgkinson wrote in August of 2012.

Although the reports coming out today have all said that Hodgkinson was a volunteer for Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential run, Hodgkinson wrote about his disbelief in people’s animosity toward former president Barack Obama well before the election ever kicked off.

Here is what Hodgkinson wrote in May 2012:

I can’t believe how many people are upset with our president. You’d think that the world was full of rich millionaires. Why else would these people talk badly about a guy who has their best interest at heart?

It’s no wonder why this loon loved Sanders to 2016 and beyond.

Pretty much every letter Hodgkinson wrote to the Belleville editor centered around how we should tax the rich into the poorhouse so that the money could redistributed to “eliminate 90 percent of the country’s problems, pay down the debt and get the country back in black in no time.”

The problem with the recently deceased Hodgkinson’s assertion is that the country might get “back in black,” but the people will become so poor that the government will permanently become “mommy” and “daddy.”

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