VA Protestors Rally For Reopening State (Again)

Eric Scheiner | April 22, 2020
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Virginians gathered around the state capitol on Wednesday calling for Gov. Ralph Northam (D-Blackface) to lift his executive order and reopen businesses.

Horns blared as participants in the dive-in protest held signs and waved flags from their vehicles about an hour before the state general assembly convened Wednesday afternoon.

Gov. Northam’s “Stay At Home” order is in place until June 10. It's one of the longest "Stay At Home" order durations in place in the country. 

Northam has called protestors “selfish” and accuses them of potentially endangering the lives of others if they are not social distancing.

Some protestors were on the sidewalks out side the Virginia Capitol, but video shows the majority of protestors inside their vehicles.

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