VA Democrats Ban Guns From Capitol Building


On Friday evening Virginia lawmakers voted to ban guns at both the Capitol and legislative office buildings in Richmond.

The policy was voted on by the Joint Rules Committee on a party line vote. Democrats moved to have the ban go into effect as of midnight Friday.

WWBT reports: 

The new rules state the general public and legislators will not be allowed to carry guns inside the Capitol buildings or in legislative offices.

'Firearms are currently prohibited in all executive office buildings—for the safety of all who work in and visit the Capitol, we're glad the legislature has followed suit,' said the Governor’s Office.

However, Republicans are frustrated because the whole legislature wasn’t allowed to vote on this matter.

'You would think that the elected representative of the people would be the ones who pass this policy,' said House Minority Leader Del. Todd Gilbert (R- Rockingham). 'Unfortunately, the vast majority of Senators and Delegates will not even have to cast a vote on this issue because the Joint Rules Committee – which is just a handful of people – has passed this rule.'

'This isn't Republican versus Democrat, this is American versus Un-American,' said Senator Amanda Chase (R-Chesterfield).

The Joint Rules Committee vote comes before several rallies are set to bring crowds of pro-gun advocates to the Capitol. A major rally for Second Amendment supporters is set to be held outside the Virginia Capitol on Jan. 20th.

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