Uyghurs Call For Viewer Boycott of ‘Genocide’ Olympics; NYT Aids China’s Propaganda

Jay Maxson | January 31, 2022
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With help from the New York Times, China is shoveling propaganda to promote the 2022 Winter Olympics, which begin this weekend in Beijing. Down to their last hope of spreading the truth about China’s human rights atrocities, the Uyghurs are urging the world not to watch the Games on television. Their supporters spent years unsuccessfully attempting to urge the International Olympic Committee (IOC) not to award the Games to a brutal dictatorship.

Unwilling to sense the politically volatile climate in China, the deaf and dumb IOC merely states it opposes politics in sport. Speaking for the enslaved Uyghurs, the East Turkistan Government in Exile issued an international call for people to boycott the Olympic broadcasts in a protest against Chinese genocide.

Breitbart reports China has converted East Turkistan into an open-air prison, “using sophisticated surveillance technology to monitor citizens and force the erasure of Islam and local identity through the destruction of mosques, ancient cemeteries, and other cultural sites. Adding insult to injury, Chinese officials have replaced holy sites with things such as hotels and public toilets.”

Chinese oppression is also underway in Hong Kong, where Christians, Falun Gong members, pro-democracy advocates and others are being persecuted.

The Daily Mail is comparing China’s evil regime with that of Adolf Hitler, who “desperately needed to legitimise his tyrannical regime” by using the 1936 Olympic Games. “(A)nd now China's own totalitarian ruler Xi Jinping is about to do the same,” says Victoria University's Institute for Health and Sport Olympic Research Network co-director Richard Baka.

'I think it's fair to say it's a propaganda event. (Chinese President Xi Jinping) wants to signal to the world that ‘we are doing well and we are one of the world's great powers now’ and that's what Hitler was trying to do in the 1930s,” Baka said.

The Daily Mail reported China has spent the last six months shutting millions of its citizens off from the outside world, out of fear that “human rights advocates, downtrodden minorities and dissidents could embarrass the Communist Party” prior to the Olympic Games. China has warned foreign athletes that they will be subject to punishment if they criticize the communist nation.

Amnesty's China researcher, Alkan Akad, said the Beijing Winter Olympics “must not be allowed to pass as a mere sportswashing opportunity for the Chinese authorities and the international community must not become complicit in a propaganda exercise.”

As China’s propaganda machine whirls, The New York Times nods in approval. Fox News reported that the paper “raised eyebrows with a report critics say offers “over-the-top” praise for China and its leader ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics.:

“China no longer needs to prove its standing on the world stage; instead, it wants to proclaim the sweeping vision of a more prosperous, more confident nation under Mr. Xi, the country's most powerful leader since Mao Zedong. Where the government once sought to mollify its critics to make the Games a success, today it defies them. …”

The doesn’t-have-a-clue Times also raved about how China has expanded its economy and cleaned up polluted air. Critics were lining up to slam the NYT.

Cong. Dan Crenshaw (Rep-Texas) remarked: "Hey @nytimes in addition to expanding their economy you forgot China also expanded internment camps, forced sterilization programs, their surveillance state, genocide, and pretty much just terrible things in general. Great reporting." Radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt jumped on board with this: "What? The CCP poisoned the world. And denies it. While crushing Hong Kong and pursuing genocide. 'Changed a lot?' Sheesh.”

A group of 234 international organizations, the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation among them, also demanded a viewer boycott of the Olympics.