Using Racism to Fight Racism Only Causes More...Racism

Nick Kangadis | May 14, 2018
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What's the purpose of calling people racist if you use racism to prove your point? Racism is the preferred tool of division for those on the Left - and from the looks of it - it's only going to get worse before it gets better.

Chicago Tribune columnist Rex Huppke wrote an opinion column recently where he said that black people should have a hotline to report white people who look like they might possibly call the cops on them. By the way, Huppke's a white guy.

This idea is pretty racist if you think about it. How does someone absolutely know that a white person is calling the cops simply because a person is black? It's certainly possible, but jumping to racially divisive conclusions is the true mark of a racist.

Join me as I expose the hypocrisy of Huppke's argument, reverse the roles of the language used in his column and condemn how racism is used in today's society.

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Source: Chicago Tribune

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