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WATCH: USCF Designs 'Gender Pronoun Stickers' So Faculty and Students Will Know Who's Who


How many gender pronouns are there? Um, who knows?

Oh wait, I know! There are TWO gender pronouns, just plan ol’ two.

But many colleges and the people attending them seem to be forgetting this basic scientific fact, and the University of California in San Francisco is definitely on that list.

USCF has just introduced “pronoun stickers” to be applied to school ID badges so their staff and students can better predict — or determine — the gender of individuals they’ve “just met.” Usually this process would be pretty easy, but considering the way leftist universities have mangled students’ minds, I suppose these stickers must be necessary.

“As a university that recognizes and appreciates diversity, UCSF strives to create an inclusive environment for all of our community members,” they wrote on their LGBT Resource Center page.

“It is important to offer opportunities for all members to share their gender pronouns in settings where they are asked to introduce themselves,” the school added. “Whether you are working with a colleague, peer, or patient – we want to allow for everyone to specifically indicate their pronouns so each individual feels safe navigating UCSF.”

Here’s an example of USCF’s ID badge with the “awesome” sticker applied:


The school went on to encourage all students to add their specific pronoun sticker to their badge, so they could be good obedient servants to the schools new leftist rule.


There are five gender pronoun stickers, some of them having the traditional “he, she” tags and others have weird terms like “ze, hir, hirs.”

Interestingly, as I was trying to type those weird gender pronouns, my computer auto-corrected “hir” to “her” and “hirs” to “his” — good job computer! Even my computer understands these pronouns are foolish and didn’t want to be forced to call people something it knew they were not. 

I’m going to “go out on a limb” and say people who push for “changes” like this are self-obsessed with a hint of totalitarianism. They are attempting to complicate language all the more and want to punish you when you don’t speak the way they order you to. Political correctness plays a huge part in this ideology, and now with this “nice way of speaking,” people appear to be going further and further down that muddy spiral of degradation.

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