USA Today Tries to Make Tyre Nichols Incident About Race

John Simmons | January 30, 2023
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On Friday, the Memphis Police Department (MPD) released body cam footage of the arrest of Tyre Nichols, in which five police officers -- all black -- arrested the 29-year-old Memphis native and brutally beat him. This event took place on Jan. 7, and Nichols died of injuries three days later. 

The whole situation is heartbreaking, and the cops involved should go to jail for a long time.

But this situation has uncovered some of the inconsistencies within the left’s police brutality narrative, as well as their desperate attempts to find racism in any situation.

The left is clearly not as outraged at Nichols’ death as they have been about other police related-deaths in the past. Just look at how the NBA has responded to Nichols’ killing. Sure, a large number of players and teams are rightfully upset by this situation and have called for justice and peaceful protests, and are sending their condolences to the Nichols family. But it's a far cry from what they did in 2020 after the Killing of George Floyd.

That summer, the league “Black Lives Matter” slogan was plastered on everything from t-shirts to the hardwood courts, and many big-name players were front and center at protests across the country to protest racist police brutality.

But their outrage is far more subdued this time around, because it's hard to blame racism on a situation where black cops killed a black man. 

This does not mean, however, that no progressives believe racism was involved in this situation. On the contrary, some of those in the progressive media wholeheartedly believe it was.

A USA Today piece published on Saturday argued that despite the fact that whiteness is to blame for how the black cops acted.

"Black people and Black police officers can carry with them some of the same understandings or views of Black people as white police officers might," law professor and faculty director of the Stanford Center for Racial Justice Richard Banks said in the article. "There’s nothing that immunizes them.”

In one quote, Banks accuses white cops of inherently being racist towards black people (which we all know isn’t true), while suggesting black cops are supposedly infected with the same disease of “racism” as soon as they become police officers. Furthermore, it removes any responsibility from the black officers, since they are apparently victims of a system that causes them to act racist.

Rashad Robinson, president of Color of Change, drives this line of thinking home.

“What this illustrates is that we do have a deep problem that is beyond black and white, and it’s about blue,” he said. “It’s about the nature and the infrastructures of policing in this country that every single day send a message."

The article doesn’t stop after Nichol’s skin color makes this a racist killing, even though he did not die at the hands of white police officers.

"Absolutely it is the race of the suspect that matters most," he said. "It's the historically biased culture of policing that killed (Nichols)."

This is dangerous and poisonous thinking, not to mention completely illogical.

The police force does not have a history of targeting black people, regardless of what progressives would have you think. But by offering these arguments, Banks, Robinson, and Ruff are once again peddling the lie that if a black man dies at the hands of cops (especially a white one), it's because of racism (even though there is often no way to prove this is true).

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Now, these are going one step further and saying black cops are no better than the white ones they hate, which is counterproductive to unity at best and an outright falsehood at worst. But as is the case with most social justice arguments, the system is always to blame, and no one has to be held accountable for their actions.

The left sure does care about “racial justice,” but oftentimes, the “problems” they choose to solve don’t exist, and the narrative they push to create awareness for these problems are based on emotionally-charged falsehoods and an ironically racist worldview. And they are so desperate to push the narrative they will lie through their teeth to do it, even in a situation like Nichol’s death.

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