USA Today Slams Colts For ‘Kaepernicking’ Black Assistants 

Jay Maxson | November 8, 2022
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Woke race hustlers are furious with the Indianapolis Colts for not hiring a black interim coach after they fired their head coach, Frank Reich, on Monday. Jeff Saturday – a white guy – got the job, at least for the remaining eight games of the season. It’s white privilege, plain and simple, bemoans USA Today writer Mike Freeman.  

The hiring of Saturday “is an insult, a huge one, to every black coach in the NFL, and every potential black coach who might someday hope to become one,” wrote race-baiter supreme Freeman. 

“Look up white privilege in the dictionary and you see this situation playing on the back nine of Augusta with Donald Trump and Elon Musk,” Freeman raged. 

Saturday’s previous coaching experience came at Hebron Christian Academy, a college preparatory school in Georgia. CBS Sports reports he’s been a consultant for the Colts, so it’s not like he has no clue what’s going on with the club.  

The black assistant coaches passed over are probably lucky they won’t have to begin their head coaching careers on the sinking ship that is the Colts. They might benefit from starting fresh with a head coaching job at the beginning of a season. However, Freeman would have made the entire selection process about race, if he’d had the opportunity. 

Saturday was a five-time Pro Bowl center for the Colts and a member of their Super Bowl championship team. It’s obvious he got the interim because he’s a highly popular and respected figure in Colts’ history. That’s all this is. 

Black assistants on the Colts’ coaching staff include Reggie Wayne, Scottie Montgomery and Ron Milus. They’re all more deserving of the job than Saturday – because they are b-l-a-c-k, Freeman whined. Race should have determined it … and apparently America should not be a colorblind nation. 

“There is no black NFL equivalent of a Jeff Saturday,” Freeman continued. “Black ex-players with zero coaching experience can't just walk off the street and get head coaching jobs, and this is what makes this situation so angering, frustrating and embarrassing.” 

Freeman says black assistant coaches are talking about being the victims of double standards and “sham” interviews. They watch white coaches get second and third chances at head coaching jobs. “They talk about the naked racism they face and how if they speak up about it they'll be Kaepernicked.” 

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Freeman is guided more by skin color than anything else. Perhaps after the season, Indianapolis may hire a black coach and then Freeman will have to eat his words. No one knows yet. 

For now, Freeman is pouring out racial hatred because white guy Saturday is a head coach, on an interim basis. “It’s quite a trip. A very NFL one,” he writes.  

ESPN’s Marcus Spears said the Saturday hiring “is not a good look for the NFL.” Sports Illustrated writer Connor Orr blasted the Colts, calling the Saturday hiring “a crushing defeat for many coaches.” 

The real story, though, is who will be coaching the Colts in 2023. There’s no guarantee it will be Saturday or a white guy. The race baiters ought to hold their fire instead of firing from the hip and sensationalizing the Indy hiring for a job that will only last for two months. 

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