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Trump Admin Sends Out 'Comfort' To Suffering Socialists


On Tuesday, Vice President Mike Pence bid farewell to the USNS Comfort as it prepares to embark on a five-month long voyage to assist nations whose medical systems have become strained due to the Venezuela crisis.

According to Pence on Tuesday:

The United States had taken action, we’ve positioned more than 500 metric tons of food and humanitarian supplies on the Venezuelan border to help address this crisis, we’ve provided nearly 260 million dollars in aid to nations who are supporting displaced Venezuelans… In the coming months, the Comfort will make 14 points of calls in 13 partner nations providing medical care.

While Democrats and Democratic Socialists, accuse Donald Trump of not caring about the little guy, it seems as if the President is more than willing to help people who have been harmed by the Socialist ideas so many in the Democratic party seek to promote.

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