U.S. Senate Votes to Terminate Trump's National Emergency Over the Border - Again


For the second time, the Republican-led U.S. Senate voted 54 to 41 to terminate President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency at the Southwest U.S. border and to halt the diversion of military funds to pay for his wall. Eleven Republicans voted with their Democratic counterparts in favor of the measure.

Of course, this doesn’t mean the issue is resolved and the president’s at a loss. In fact, the Senate voted back in March to do the very same thing. Trump vetoed the measure, a move he’ll likely make again once this new resolution makes its way to his desk. It’s unlikely that the House will have the votes to override his veto.

Unable to convince Congress to give him his requested $5-6 billion to construct a wall along the United States’ porous Southwest U.S. border, Trump earlier this year declared a national emergency over the immigration crisis and began diverting funs from the U.S. military to start construction. Earlier this month, the Pentagon outlined a plan to move $3.6 billion from planned military construction projects to start building the wall.



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