Upworthy Writer: Trump Not Taking Salary Means He’s Like Hitler

ashley.rae | November 16, 2016
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Throughout the election cycle, many liberal pundits accused president-elect Donald Trump of acting like “literally Hitler” over his policy proposals. Now one social justice activist is comparing Trump to Hitler--because of a gesture of good faith.

Following the “60 Minutes” interview in which Trump said he would not accept the president’s salary, Parker Molloy, a transgender writer at Upworthy, tweeted this means Trump is taking a page “literally out of Hitler’s playbook”:

The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Chris Bedford mocked Molloy’s remarks by pointing out how John F. Kennedy also did not accept a salary as president, but Molloy chose to compare Trump to Hitler instead of Kennedy:

Molloy doubled down on her rhetoric that not taking a salary is just like what Hitler did, sarcastically implying the dictator and president-elect have a lot in more in common:

Other presidents who did not take a salary reportedly include George Washington and Herbert Hoover.

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