UPDATE: Outrage Mob Attacks Jim Harbaugh For Pro-Life Support

John Simmons | July 20, 2022
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It didn’t take long for Jim Harbaugh’s pro-life comments to get him some flack on the internet. 

The Michigan Wolverines head coach had the strength and conviction to say that all life should be valued, especially that in the womb. Naturally, the pro-choice contingent on Twitter worked their same, tired routine and decided to attack the coach online for daring to be countercultural.

Some of the tweets are quite nasty, but all of them are ridiculous in their own right.

This one in particular is the classic argument that people make against anyone who is anti-abortion. They create this standard that you cannot be anti-abortion unless you are willing to advocate for socialized health care and other government programs.

Rest assured, the people that advocate that babies should not be murdered are far more concerned with someone’s quality of life than people that support abortion. 

Oh goodie, we got someone swearing like a sailor here!

It’s not wrong to say that people shouldn’t kill their children. If you’re willing to try and make a child, you should be willing to have that child when it’s time. Using abortion as a cop out is not the solution.

And finally, we have the classic “you hate women” take. 

Can someone please explain how saying that women should not get a procedure that will mutilate their own bodies and kill the life inside them is hatred towards women? Advocating that the woman should have the baby so as to not live their lives filled with guilt over killing their child seems like a far more less hate-filled solution than advocating for abortion.

It’s sad that so many people genuinely think this way and harass those who advocate for life. But I believe there is hope for them.