Until The 11th Hour: 'Borat' Calls For Trump to Be Banned From All Social Media


Donald Trump’s presidency has reached its end. He’s given his farewell speech, and the transition of power is happening.

But even though Joe Biden’s term was imminent, actor Sacha Baron Cohen, still scared that Trump would refuse to relinquish the presidency, called on Twitter for suppressive measures to be taken against the First Amendment.

Unlike other British comedians, Cohen, who starred as the titular character in last year's wildly anti-GOP film Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, detests free speech. In particular, he detests Trump exercising his right to free speech.

On January 19, Cohen tweeted the following post:

On January 18, he had posted a tweet of similar nature:

Cohen just has to poke his nose into U.S. politics again. Maybe someone should remind him that America isn’t a British colony anymore. 

Free speech is a guaranteed right in America, something Cohen has never seemed to realize. #BanTrumpSaveDemocracy? More like #BanFreeSpeechEndDemocracy. With Cohen, anything goes as long as it shuts down Trump and right-wing voices. 

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