University of Texas Professor Advocates For Terrorism to Save Animals

anthony.christopher | July 9, 2015
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Steven Best is a philosophy professor at the University of Texas El Paso who has a troubled history of prompting violence to achieve his political ends. Steven Best is an active animal rights activist who has connections to the Animal Liberation Front, and was banned from entering the UK in 2005 over security concerns. 

In case you were unaware, the ALF is an international group of militant who destroy property and invade companies to free animals. They have also been accused of attempting to harm humans before. The ALF fits the literal definition of terrorism: "The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims."

Professor Best has writing published on the Animal Liberation Front's website. The title of his disturbing piece is "Manifesto for Radical Abolitionism: By Any Means" In his writing, he explains his problems with the "Franciombes" - those who follow the work of another animals rights activist named Gary Francione. His problem? They are too pacifist.
Here is writing from his piece:

“According to the pacifist party line, militant direct action (MDA) tactics such as economic sabotage are ALWAYS wrong and NEVER effective. Excusing themselves from the work of analyzing the complexities and unique specific situations, Franciombes fashion a handy a priori ‘truth’ and apply it mechanically to every action that has happened or will happen. Their ignorance of history is matched only by their mental rigidity. For over three decades, in dozens of countries throughout the world, in countless thousands of actions, liberators and saboteurs have freed hundreds of thousands of captive nonhuman animals; permanently shut down numerous breeders, ‘fur farmers,’ and vivisectors; and convinced countless numbers of individuals to find gainful employment in careers other than nonhuman animal exploitation, while inspiring people worldwide to join the animal liberation movement."

"In all this, Franciombes see no value or gain and, despite operations closed forever, they can only repeat the baseless claim that all damaged property is rebuilt and all liberated nonhuman animals are ‘replaced.’ This may happen in some cases, but in light of the many operations shut down for good, this clearly is a false claim; even when animals are replaced and property rebuilt and restored, rising insurance costs are enough to weaken and jeopardize the viability of small and moderate operations at least. Whereas dogmatic pacifists hide under the cover of ignorance and denial, corporate exploiters themselves have testified to the effectiveness of ALF actions.[5]”

And in closing:
While we support the Animal Liberation Front and the Earth Liberation Front, and defend the importance of economic sabotage, we also recognize that property destruction is only a rear-guard and minor means of resistance that has to yield to a broad social movement. Still, it remains an important ‘sometimes seemingly the only ‘means of resistance against the capitalist property system, and merits support as we simultaneously work toward building political alliances on a global scale and in an unprecedentedly broad and inclusive way.
The University of Texas El Paso seems to have no problem with Professor Best's extremist views and connection with the ALF. He is still employed and teaching at the University. 


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