University of South Dakota Is Installing Free Condom Machines In Dorms

Nick Kangadis | April 3, 2017
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Would you walk through a field filled with dog poop as long as you were wearing socks?

Apparently officials at the University of South Dakota (USD) would promote doing that rather than not walking in the field at all.

Because of a 2016 South Dakota Department of Health report showing a rise in sexually transmitted diseases throughout the state, the school has determined that the best course of action is to install free condom machines in dorms instead of, you know, promoting the practice of not sleeping around.

Not only is USD placing condom dispensers into dorm rooms, but there is word that there will also be “small posters affixed to the wall with student health messages that will be changed monthly.”

Sure, because a lot of people completely change something they’re going to do in life because of what is essentially a flier taped to a wall.

This whole story stems from a record-breaking rise in South Dakota of sexually transmitted diseases, like chlamydia and gonorrhea.

According to the College Fix, John Howe, who is the associate dean of students at USD, said that the condoms will be free of charge to USD students. USD housing, the Student Health Advisory Board and Sanford Health are sponsoring the program.

University of South Dakota's student-run newspaper, The Volante reported:

[Ashley] Hartnett said Sanford and the Student Health Advisory Board are taking on the costs associated with dispensers and condoms, and will supply the condoms throughout the year. She said the costs to housing are “pretty minimal,” involving mostly installation and printing of the educational flyers.

According to the Fix, assistant director of housing, Ashley Hartnett, commented on the decision:

It’s kind of a balance between making them visible to students so they know they’re available along with the educational pieces, but then also providing some privacy for students that may want to grab one so that they’re not feeling like they’re out in the open where anyone can walk in and see them accessing it.

That statement is laughable. This shows the lack of personal responsibility, and level of ignorance, that indoctrination centers/universities all over the country are teaching youth.

If you’re adult enough to engage in pre-marital sex, then you should also be adult enough to walk into a store and buy your own condoms. If you can’t afford contraception, then maybe you’re not ready, or responsible enough, for sex.

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