University To Offer Free Master’s Tuition to Dreamers If DACA Ends

Eric Scheiner | March 29, 2018
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Brown University has constructed a plan to provide fellowship stipends for undergraduate ‘Dreamers,' as well as a tuition-free fifth year Master’s program.

The details of the program were outlined in a letter from the University’s Provost’s office.

According to a recent report in the Brown Daily Herald:

The letter outlines a plan to create a fellowship program for undergraduate undocumented students and announces the offering of a tuition-free fifth-year Master’s program for undocumented students graduating from Brown in 2018. These programs build on the University’s earlier initiatives to provide undocumented students with legal resources and support, as The Herald previously reported.

The implementation of the fellowship program and the offer of a tuition-free Master’s degree are contingent on the end of the DACA program. Undocumented students who are not prior DACA recipients are also eligible for both opportunities should the DACA program end, wrote Julio Reyes ’12, director of the First-Generation College and Low-Income Center, in an email to The Herald.


The University is also set to offer an Experiential Learning Fellowship for undergraduate undocumented students and DACA recipients. The University will offer two fellowships per semester with a $750 stipend each.

The letter from the Provost’s office also indicates the university is willing to offer grants “to students in need to pay for legal representation” regarding DACA.

The DACA program was originally scheduled to come to an end on March 5th, but a California district court ruling has extended it, the ruling is being appealed by the Trump administration.

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