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Anti-Free Speech Hecklers Scream Down Charles Murray at Michigan U


Students at the University of Michigan attempted to shut down a talk by American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray, known for his controversial opinions on IQ, by chanting and setting off alarms throughout his speech.

The Michigan Daily reports Murray, who was invited by the University of Michigan College Republicans to give a talk on Wednesday, was met with an individual in the audience playing the Imperial March from “Star Wars" on their phone. Hecklers also scheduled cell phone alarms to ring continually during the event, and projected the words “white supremacist” on the wall above Murray's head.

Prior to the event, the building where Murray was speaking was put on lockdown, and all attendees were allegedly put through screenings:

The Michigan Daily also reports students chanted the words, “Racist, Sexist, KKK, Charles Murray go away.”

In a video stream uploaded by the College Republicans, protesters can be seen and heard shouting Murray down as he pleads with them to let him speak. At one point, the lights go off as a student says, "Attention ladies and gentlemen. I stand before you today as a student. I am a child of Iranian immigrants" before claiming Murray wants him dead:

Campus Reform reports the interruptions went on for approximately 40 minutes before the protesters left the room.

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