University of Alaska Southeast Cancels Classes For Annual 'Power and Privilege' Seminar

Brittany M. Hughes | November 13, 2019

The University of Alaska Southeast canceled classes Tuesday so students could attend its annual “Power and Privilege Seminar,” which includes one-day courses focusing on about white racism, the evils of men, and how to treat transgender and “nonbinary” individuals with respect.

According to Campus Reform, the event featured breakout sessions including “Lived Experiences of Alaskan Transgender and Gender Non Binary Individuals,” “Unpacking Privilege in the Zero Waste Movement,” “Working with Men: Healing and Accountability,” and more.

“For example, the ‘Working with Men’ panel discusses how people can work with men about ‘dismantling patriarchal ways of thinking,’ and issues like ‘colonial influences, intersectionality, unhealthy and limiting ideas on masculinity and maleness’ will also be discussed,” Campus Reform explains.

Nathan Block, president of the university's Campus Conservatives, told Campus Reform that to cancel classes for such an overtly political event is “unbecoming,” at the least.

“Forcing an entire school to cease educational advancements for political/social indoctrination is unbecoming,” Block said. “If that’s the logic, Iʼd like to see schools completely shut done for Math Symposiums, and Philosophy Symposiums, and Genetics Symposiums, Toxic Femininity Symposiums.”According to the report, Ken Campbell, the public information officer for the University of Alaska Southeast, admitted that while “most classes” do not meet during the symposium, he added that “not all classes are cancelled.”

According to the university’s own calendar on its website, though, classes were definitely halted for the day.