United Becomes the First Airline to Offer a Third Gender Option to Customers

Brittany M. Hughes | March 22, 2019
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Encouraging passengers to “fly how you identify,” United Airlines just became the first airline company to add a third gender option for its customers.

United announced the change in a press release early Friday, saying the move shows they are “determined to lead the industry in LGBT inclusivity.” Under the new options, customers will be able to identify themselves as M(male), F(female), U(undisclosed) or X(unspecified) when booking their flight, as well aschoose an “Mx.” suffix rather than the traditionally limited “Mr.” and “Ms.” to go on their boarding pass.

"United is determined to lead the industry in LGBT inclusivity, and we are so proud to be the first U.S. airline to offer these inclusive booking options for our customers," said United's Chief Customer Officer Toby Enqvist in the statement. "United is excited to share with our customers, whether they identify along the binary of male or female or not, that we are taking the steps to exhibit our care for them while also providing additional employee training to make us even more welcoming for all customers and employees."

In addition, United said it’s launched “employee training initiatives” created in cooperation with the Human Rights Campaign and The Trevor Project, two pro-LGBT groups, to indoctrinate their employees on all things “trans inclusive.”

“These initiatives include teaching employees about preferred pronouns and the persistence of gender norms, LGBT competency in the workplace and other steps to make United an inclusive space for both customers and employees,” United explained. 

It's certainly not the first time United has taken a left-leaning PC stance to try and appeal to its more progressive customers. Last year, the company cut ties with the NRA, putting a very public end to their discount rate program they'd previously offered to NRA members following the Parkland shooting.