Union Rep Declares "Open Season" on "Managers and Scabs"

Stephen Gutowski | August 16, 2011
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As the CWA picketing of Verizon continues it seems some of the union leadership is becoming more and more unhinged. Apparently one member of the union leadership went so far as to instruct his members, by way of publicly accessible telephone hotline, that it is now "open season" on "managers and scabs". The thug went on to say that union members should "follow them" and "torture them, torture them with chants and noise". (h/t Moon Bat Tracker)

The best part of WSYR's report, though, has to be when they call another union boss to ask them about the ridiculous instructions and the guy basically says they're cool with it. According to him there's nothing wrong with "militancy". How insane can you get? Is it any wonder that unions have such a terrible reputation anymore? Have they not earned it?

The sad thing, as the Verizon rep WSYR interviewed alluded to, is most union members aren't violent nuts. Most of them just want to go to work, make a living, and support their families. It's thugs like this that give them all a bad name.

Perhaps it's past time for the rank and file union members who actually work for a living to stop putting up with their leaders who serve as little more than liberal political power brokers and stains on their unions' reputation.