Under Trump, U.S. Showing Highest Level of Confidence in Safety From Terror in Over a Decade

Monica Sanchez | September 10, 2018
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According to a new Rasmussen poll, the U.S. is experiencing the highest level of confidence in the nation’s safety in over a decade.

Rasmussen reports,

As we approach the 17th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, voters are more confident than they have been in years that the country is safer today than it was before those attacks, and most also agree we’re winning the ongoing War on Terror.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 47% of Likely U.S. voters think the United States is safer today than it was before the 9/11 terrorist attacks. That’s up from only 31% in November 2017 and the highest level of confidence in the nation’s safety since late 2012.

Thirty-four percent (34%) believe the contrary, but still the level of worry is the lowest it’s been since the question was asked in December 2012.

Most Americans (54%) also think the U.S. and its allies are winning the War on Terror, “the highest level of confidence since Osama bin Laden was killed seven years ago” under then-President Obama, Rasmussen reports.

Only 12% say the terrorists are winning and 26% think neither side is winning.

According to Rasmussen, “Voters believed the United States was winning the War on Terror from 2008 until April 2014, with confidence peaking at 62% in February 2009. In the days following the death of bin Laden in May 2011, 55% felt the United States and its allies were winning the War on Terror. But that confidence steadily declined, and in July 2014, voters began believing the terrorists were winning the war. That changed after Donald Trump entered the White House.”

The survey of 1,000 likely voters was conducted Sept. 5-6 and has a margin of sampling error of 3 percentage points.

(Cover Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

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