Under Oath For Censorship Suit, Flip-Flop Fauci Demands Stenographer Be Masked

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 29, 2022
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If a house of cards falls in the forest, and no one hears, does it make a sound?

Luckily, this house of cards, better known as Dr. Anthony Fauci -- a.k.a. the highest paid federal employee of all, a.k.a. the four-decade-long employee/head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), a.k.a. "THE SCIENCE!" -- was being deposed for a suit brought in May by the Attorneys General of Missouri and Louisiana, so his fall was recorded.

The suit, which the Bidenistas have fought since it was filed, alleges that members of the Biden administration, including President Joe “Big Guy” Biden, Fauci himself, former Press Secretary Jen Psaki, Health and Human Services Secretary Xaviar Becerra, Homeland Security Czar Alejandro Mayorkas, Former “Ministry of Truth” soprano Nina Jankowicz, and other Biden officials, violated the free speech rights of Missouri and Louisiana citizens by colluding with and pressuring large social media sites (ex: Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Linked-In) to censor content that ran contrary to numerous of the feds’ COVID-19/lockdown/mask/jab narratives. In the complaint, Missouri AG Eric Schmidt and Louisiana AG Jeff Landry both also make claims of injury to the sovereignty of their state governments:

“Missouri and Louisiana, and their agencies and officials, have a sovereign and proprietary interest in receiving free flow of information in public discourse on social-media platforms.”

With their 86-page complaint, they have provided fifty pages of cited examples of the feds pressuring social media, and, though some Biden officials on November 21 got court "passes" to avoid being deposed (those being Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Director Jen Easterly, and Rob Flaherty, a deputy assistant to Biden) Fauci and seven others have been deposed or soon will be (FBI official Elvis Chan is scheduled to answer questions next week. Psaki is scheduled to be deposed on Dec. 8.)

And, from the information available thus far (the judge has ordered the depositions sealed), Anthony Fauci’s performance under oath in this legal matter contained far less bravado and megalomania and a lot more of the weasel answer “I can’t recall” than one might expect from a man who literally associated himself with unquestionable “SCIENCE.”

But there was one area where the Godhead of Science let his arrogance burn like a thousand suns, and in the display, he offered a great centerpiece to his long, sordid history of prevarication, double-speak, contradiction, and hypocrisy.

In this case, he, the “maskless” Fauci, heard the deposition stenographer sniffle, and, despite him being multi-jabbed, despite him catching COVID (another example of how incredibly “effective” the jabs have been at actually vaccinating people against infection, which is what Fauci and others in “Operation Warp Speed” and on major pop TV networks claimed they would do - whoops) Fauci INSISTED that the stenographer don a magic face diaper.

MRCTV readers might recall my June 2, 2021 piece covering the thousands of Fauci work-related emails obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, some of which revealed the depths to which his deception about masks actually went. Recall that, initially when news of the COVID19 virus began circulating, Fauci publicly poo-pooed the idea that everyone “mask-up”. Subsequently, he reversed himself, and claimed, to paraphrase, that he only said that most masks were useless because they actually were NOT USELESS, and were really, really important. He even said it might be a good idea for people to wear multiple masks.

Then, of course, his private emails revealed that he didn’t mean what he had said publicly, and his own “mask-off” actions at a baseball game revealed that he wouldn’t even follow his own pronouncements of THE SCIENCE.

Matthew Lau, writing in late June, 2021, for Canadian free-market think-tank The Fraser Institute, observed an additional Fauci mask-flip:

“And during a congressional hearing. Senator Rand Paul suggested that Fauci, since he’d already been fully vaccinated, was wearing a mask as public health theatre. Fauci denied this, saying the mask was protective. But in a later interview with ABC, he admitted that he actually wore the mask as a signal; because he was immunized, his chances of being infected indoors were extremely low.”

My, how things change.

As Jenin Younes, a litigator with the New Civil Liberties Alliance (which is assisting the AGs in the case) who was at Fauci’s deposition noted November 24 on Twitter:

“Another highlight from yesterday’s deposition of Fauci: between February 2020, when he emailed a friend saying masks don’t work, and April 3 2020, he became convinced by “studies” that masks work. He couldn’t name any of these studies, of course, because he’s too busy 1/”

Continuing in her thread, she added:

“Saving lives to be bothered by such trivialities, but he’s certain that they show masks work. Also, he made the court reporter wear a mask because she was sniffling, even though she said it was allergies. ‘The last thing in the world I want is to get covid.’ That’s verbatim. 2/2”

Of course, this kind of “position of convenience” and the trail of economic and societal destruction it has wrought are glaringly obvious, and have been for nearly three years (even longer if one looks over Fauci’s terribly checkered past in this unconstitutional NIH sub-agency).

In a devastating recent video, anti-war and old-style liberal comedian and political commentator Jimmy Dore put it this way as he prepared to expose the falsehood of Fauci’s recent claim that he never recommended lockdowns:

“Real quick, I just wanted to show you that Dr. Fauci is a criminal, should be in prison, and is a pathological liar, and he lied to you about everything. He lied to you about COVID. He lied to you about the treatments (hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin). He’s lied about everything. He lied about masks, he lied about herd immunity (implying it couldn’t be achieved naturally, which is actually how it is achieved). He’s lied about the gain-of-function. He’s lied about where the virus came from. He’s lied about Wuhan. He’s lied about EVERYTHING.”

Then, Jimmy proceeded to eviscerate Fauci, using footage of Fauci contradicting himself.

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One could stop here, but Anthony Fauci’s arrogance, and the fawning, groveling, empty-headed ways in which dinosaur news and the glitterati in Hollywood have treated this life-long tax parasite require one final bit of coverage from his deposition.

As Zachary Stieber wrote November 23, for The Epoch Times:

“Jenin Younes with the New Civil Liberties Alliance, another lawyer representing plaintiffs in the case, said that Fauci claimed he did not worry about a document called the Great Barrington Declaration.

Penned in October 2020, the document called for focused protection on people most at-risk from COVID-19 while rescinding the harsh restrictions that had been imposed on children and others at little risk from the disease. Two of its authors, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and Martin Kulldorff, are plaintiffs in the case.”

(Full disclosure, I have friends who work for and have worked for the American Institute for Economic Research, which helped organize the Great Barrington Declaration, and which served as the location for its initial signing, in Great Barrington, Mass.)

Stieber adds in his piece:

“’I have a very busy day job running a six billion dollar institute. I don’t have time to worry about things like the Great Barrington Declaration,’ Fauci said, according to Younes.

Fauci, though, has spoken multiple times about the declaration.

In internal emails that were later published, Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins, Fauci’s former boss, both criticized the declaration. ‘There needs to be a quick and devastating published takedown of its premises,’ Collins wrote, prompting Fauci to send him a Wired magazine article he claimed ‘debunks this theory.’

In another missive, obtained by The Epoch Times through a Freedom of Information Act request, Fauci said the declaration reminded him of AIDS denialism.

Fauci also talked about the declaration in public, including defending his criticism during a congressional hearing in May.”

Not much more is needed, but I would like to add this as a close, something I used as an opener in June of 2021 when writing about Fauci’s dishonesty:

“Dr. Anthony Fauci has been in his federal position at the National Institutes for Health for 35 years. His slot has seen him caught in the middle of controversy over the Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine and the creation of the 1986 “Vaccine Court”. It’s seen him draw ire from gay activists over his abysmal early handling of HIV. It’s seen him receive deserved criticism for his clownish handling of the 2014 Ebola flare in the US, and now, it’s seen him appear as an invited big-wig to throw out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals home opener at Nationals Park.”

That’s a park which Trump’s unconstitutional March 13, 2020, “Emergency” declaration, and Fauci’s incessant flipflops and untruths, Fauci's calls for lockdowns, and his mask hypocrisy helped close. Yet the minds behind the Nationals were either too ignorant to keep him away, or simply didn’t care that they had invited into their midst one of the political bullies who helped destroy their business, caused trillions of dollars in untold damage nationwide, and inestimable damage to millions of lives.

Jimmy Dore said what many of us have wanted to say for years, and his words ought to stay with us for years more, long after Fauci legally faces what one hopes is something more punitive than a deposition in court.

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