Uncommon Sense: The People Pay Congress to Break Their Promises

Nick Kangadis | April 28, 2017
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At "Uncommon Sense," the mind-numbingly stupid will find no refuge. The sky is blue. Water is wet. Look both ways when crossing the street. Common sense isn't that common.

We don’t prey on peoples' legitimate sensitivities, but we hunt for faux outrage -- and for whatever the heck “micro-aggressions” are. 

We’re going to Liberalville and taking them to a place called reality!

Congress has just approved a stop-gap in order to avoid a government shutdown, or so that they can receive their next paycheck, depending on how you look at it.

MRCTV's Nick Kangadis takes a look at both parties, particularly Republicans in Congress, and takes them to task for their repeated broken promises.

Kangadis believes that people should hold their Congressional representatives accountable, regardless of party affiliation, in order to give the career politicians a reminder as to who provides the money for their lifestyles.

For this episode of Uncommon Sense, watch below:



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