The Unborn Have ‘No Soul’ : CNN’s Fake News Flies This Week - Wacky MOLE

Eric Scheiner | October 1, 2021
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In this week’s Wacky Moments Of Leftist Extremism:

In one of the least self-aware or most disingenuous segments on CNN in a long while, the Tuesday night handoff between Prime Time host “Fredo” Cuomo and late-night host Don Lemon featured the pair suggesting their network had high standards for journalistic ethics that far surpassed those at Fox News. They also suggested that they would never put out lies about people because they had “news accountability.” Uh-huh.

CNN delivers fake news in many languages. This week, during a recent interview on CNN En Español, labor leader Dolores Huerta argued that the pre-born have no soul, and that pro-life arguments are only used as a political tool with which to engage Latinos.

The same network that wasn’t shy in accusing President Trump of “lying” at every chance they got, is very reluctant to employ these same blunt words about President Biden. The president’s military advisors testified before Congress contradicting his words to ABC journalist George Stephanopoulos in August, saying he had support from the military to withdraw from Afghanistan the way he did. But CNN didn’t seem bothered by the fact that Biden lied because, “we know how Joe Biden feels about this.”



On the reliably leftist Reliable Sources, Brian Stelter and Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell teamed up to complain it was somehow "misleading" to try and put a number on a massive $3.5 trillion "human infrastructure" bill the Democrats are trying to pass. Rampell pointed out that with her magical math “…the actual cost will be smaller than that, perhaps zero.” Really? 

For more CNN insanity watch the video above.

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