Unbelievable! Media Tweets Out False Narrative on Covington Teens Despite New Evidence

Nick Kangadis | January 21, 2019
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In case you were wondering about what level the media would stoop to in order to push a narrative, all you needed to do was sit back and watch their hysteria over the last few days.

A Native American activist knew exactly what he was doing last Friday when he inserted himself in the middle of Covington Catholic High School students while beating a drum. Video shows that the students were being called many derogatory names because of their white skin color before activist Nathan Phillips entered the scene.

The media jumped all over this story, painting the students as “racist,” disrespectful to elders and “bigots.” Countless “news” organizations ran with the false narrative even after a longer version of the video surfaced, nullifying their drive to push their divisive agenda.

The video below shows tweets from numerous media organizations, and Rep. Deb Haaland (D-N.M.), irresponsibly getting ahead of the full story to show their faux outrage:


The media was hungry for blood over the weekend. When the media is in that kind of rabid state, they will ignore truth in favor of narrative. No matter how many times I tell people to stop watching the news, I understand that’s easier said than done. Watch media clips and then do your own homework, because you never know what the media’s agenda is this week. It’s our responsibility to hold, not only politicians, but the media accountable as well.

A majority of the media dropped the ball and exposed “journalism” for what it quite possibly is — dead.

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