UN Women Calls Motherhood a ‘Penalty’

Monica Sanchez | December 27, 2019
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The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, also known as UN Women, has declared that motherhood is not a blessing, but a “penalty."

UN Women in a tweet posted on Christmas Eve shared a graphic describing how “Being a mother” has been a “violation” from the “Beginning of time.” Penalties included under this “violation” enforced by “[Officer] P. Atriarchy” include the following:

This organization that claims to be for women’s empowerment effectively discredited all hardworking mothers, saying they are victims of circumstance rather than forces of nature.

Rather than offering solutions to the listed "penalties" to help women in less fortunate or ideal social or financial circumstances than others, UN Women chose to portray motherhood as a prison sentence.

The motivation behind this outlandish and deeply offensive tweet? That was entirely unclear. But the organization touts “women’s progress” as its purpose.

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