UN Secretary General Says Pandemic Proves 'Millennia of Patriarchy,' 'Male-Dominated World...Damages Everyone'


Is there any other global institution more useless than the United Nations (UN)? It almost as if the U.S. is in a one-way relationship with the UN in the sense that they're the only ones reaping the benefits. Plus, when the secretary general of the UN uses identity politics rather than facts as a crutch to push their globalist agenda.

On Sunday, the UN sent out a tweet in which they quoted UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres as recently saying that all the world's problems throughout history are the result of "millennia of patriarchy." 

No joke. See for yourselves:

Holy virtue signaling, Batman! And who is this "we" the Guterres speaks of? Don't project your own shortcomings on everyone else. It's not everyone else's fault that sexism against men runs rampant in the UN. If Guterres feels so strongly about it, why doesn't he give his position to a woman? The answer is simple - because he and the UN are hypocrites.

If that weren't enough, did you see what Guterres said in the tweet's graphic? He literally called to rebuild society - probably in the UN's image. Why does the U.S. have to be rebuilt when most of the world's problems don't exist in the U.S.? Sure, the radical media and politicians have created the propagandistic problems that we're currently experiencing. But if the people of this country actually stood up and said no to these globalist thugs, there would be no need for the U.S. to even be a part of the UN any longer.

The problem isn't the "patriarchy," a "male-dominated" anything or even a U.S. problem. The problem is the United Nations. They have outlived their usefulness and, to be honest, any reason for the U.S. to allow the UN to house their headquarters on U.S. soil. If we're going to defund anything in this country, one of the first things should be the UN.

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