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Nikki Haley Slams Socialist Venezuelan Pres: 'It Is Time For Maduro To Go'


Socialism sucks. And on that note, it looks like the U.S. government has finally had enough of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Just one day after the Trump administration placed further sanctions on the South American nation of Venezuela, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley had strong words for Maduro during her address to the 48th Annual Washington Conference on the Americas at the State Department Tuesday afternoon.

“It is time for Maduro to go,” Haley said.

While it’s seems like such an obvious statement to make, Haley’s words may have added consequences as Venezuela is supposedly going to go ahead with their national election on May 20. It’s an election that some within the Trump administration have called a “sham,” including Haley.

The Monday sanctions were leveled against three Venezuelan drug traffickers and the 20 companies they own, essentially freezing their assets held in the U.S.

To view Haley’s full comments at the conference, watch below:

 H/T: The Hill

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