Um…WHAT? Jake Tapper Accuses CONSERVATIVES Of Sanctioning China's Uyghur Genocide

Brittany M. Hughes | September 15, 2020
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CNN’s Jake Tapper is either been taking a lot of drugs or living on another planet for the past year.

Or, maybe, he’s just lying on purpose. You know, whichever.

Tapper took to Twitter Monday to bizarrely and laughably claim that President Donald Trump and conservatives – that’s right, conservatives – have joined forces with China to “sanction concentration camps and human rights abuses by the Chinese government” against Uyghur Muslims.

Which is such a bizarre and outlandish claim, it makes you wonder whether Tapper has been living with his head under a rock lately. In fact, it's largely been conservatives who slammed the NBA for its kowtowing to communist China and stifling protests against the Uyghur genocide. Conservatives have led the charge against Disney for filming their “Mulan” remake in a province known to be persecuting Uyghurs. 

In fact, here are just a few of literally thousands and thousands of examples of conservatives screaming about the Uyghur genocide for months, including heavy criticism of the NBA by yours truly:

Here’s just one example from the conservative Daily Wire.

One of many from The Blaze.

Just one article urging U.S. action against China from the Daily Signal.

A whole slew from Breitbart.

I could go on, but there are only 24 hours in a day. But a simple Google search reveals countless headlines, tweets, opinion articles and videos by conservative thought leaders slamming China for its repeated human rights violations.

Under the Trump administration, border and immigration officials began cracking down on products imported from China known or suspected to have been made in forced labor camps where minority populations, including Uyghurs, are enslaved. Back in June, Trump signed the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020, which requires the FBI, the DNI and other US government agencies and departments to report on human rights abuses by the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese government against the Uyghurs

Perhaps Tapper should do his research before making such insane and wildly untrue statements - not that his CNN audience much cares for the truth.


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