UMass Boston Prof: Today's 'American Way' Is 'Genocide,' Police Are Domestic Terrorists


Professor C. Heike Schotten is a professor of Political Science at UMass Boston. Her areas of expertise include: History of Western Political Thought, Nietzsche, U.S. Feminist Theory, Feminist Political Theory, and Queer Theory.

Schotten is an anti-America, anti-Israel member of the U.S. Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel serving as a member of their Organizing Collective.

On July 11th, 2015, Professor Schotten authored a piece entitled "Why The Charleston Massacre isn't terrorism, and Palestinian resistance will always be":

In the article, Professor Schotten makes several anti-American and controversial statements such as:

Why would the US government openly ignore terrorist threats to its citizenry, foolishly leaving the public vulnerable and unprotected?

Simple: right-wingers and white supremacists aren’t Muslims.”

Schotten also has hatred toward the police in this country, and questions why no one has suggested that cops are terrorists or that black communities are victims of domestic terrorism despite data showing more whites die at the hands of law enforcement than blacks.

“Indeed, there is a veritable epidemic of police violence against black people in the United States, and yet no one has suggested that cops are terrorists, or that black people, neighborhoods, or communities are the victims of domestic terrorism.  And this is so even if the point of killing black people may very well be to “intimidate or coerce” black populations – and really, what other “point” to such wanton violence could there possibly be?”

Certainly most disturbing, is how Professor Schotten views and describes the country she chooses to reside in:

“Let’s call Dylann Roof what he is – a white supremacist who, in murdering African American people in broad daylight simply because they were African American, effectively upheld the founding principles of the US state and advanced them. In seeking to, in his words, “take” his country “back,” Dylann Roof enacted what we must openly admit is not simply an American tradition best relegated to a Confederate past, but in actual fact the American way, past and present: white supremacy, colonization, genocide, and empire.”

Former students of Professor Schotten have vividly expressed their concerns with her teaching styles via her profile. It is clear as day that Schotten is a closed-minded and radical individual who uses her power as an instructor at the University of Massachusetts Boston to push her beliefs onto her students.

Here is what her former students had to say:

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