UK Police Tweet: 'There Is No Safe Place To Stab Someone'


London authorities made the courageous move over the weekend to ban knives - not guns, knives - from being carried in public, after a rise in violent stabbings sufficiently freaked out the British populace into giving up what's left of their rights.

Now, the U.K.’s Office of the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner has decided to do one even better: tweet about it.

As part of their anti-knife public awareness campaign, the police department bravely announced on Twitter that there is "no safe place to stab someone” (in case you and your buddies were looking into it) along with a photo of some random guy allegedly named “Ben” who’s been proudly “knife-free” for nearly three years.

"No safe places." As if the ordinary British person was just wandering around the street hacking people right and left but figuring "Hey, it's totally O.K. because it was only, like, in the elbow."

Of course, the claim also leaves one wondering what “Ben” here uses to cut his steak.

Or tofu. Actually yeah, it’s probably tofu.

Hilariously, this wasn’t the department’s only social media faux pax of late. They've been tweeting more…lots more.

It’s important to note, here, that no – this is NOT a parody account. This is a real, verified Twitter account for an actual police department in the United Kingdom.

Of course, the tweets quickly fell victim to what’s known in the Twitterverse as “the ratio,” in which a tweet quickly racks up more replies than it does “likes” and “retweets.” And that usually isn’t a good sign when it comes to public opinion.

This was no exception.

Apparently, urging grown adults to go "knife-free" for public safety is just a little too insultingly third-grade-lunchroom-line.

Then again, this is the same country that's arresting people for mean Facebook posts and jailing them for offensive YouTube videos of pugs, so color me shocked.

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