U.K. Police Report Charging People Who Were 'Out For a Drive Due To Boredom' Despite Coronavirus Mandates

Brittany M. Hughes | March 31, 2020
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Police in the U.K want residents to know they’re taking mandated lock-down measures very, very seriously.

Maybe even a little too seriously, given that police in one area admitted on Twitter that they’d cited at least one person for breaking the country’s stay-at-home order after authorities caught them…taking a car ride.

“Overnight 6 people have been summonsed for offences relating to the new corona virus legislation to protect the public. These included: Out for a drive due to boredom, returning from parties, multiple people from the same household going to the shops for non-essential items,” Warrington police tweeted Sunday.

While citing people for going on a drive around town sounds crazy, Warrington police aren’t the only ones issuing threats and even punishments for going against the government’s stipulations. In the U.S., mayors and governors in multiple states have threatened to cite, fine and even arrest people who violate their mandates against leaving their homes for non-essential reasons, congregating in groups, or continuing to operate or patron a “non-essential” business.

In perhaps the most ridiculous and blatantly unconstitutional move to date, NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio even threatened to “permanently” close churches and synagogues that don’t comply with his closure mandates.