UK Police Fined a 5-Year-Old Girl $200 For Selling Lemonade Without a Permit

Lianne Hikind | July 21, 2017
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Regulations in the United Kingdom have stooped to making little girls with a lemonade stands cry.

The BBC reports that a five-year-old girl in the U.K. who had set up a lemonade stand for nearby concert-goers in a London borough was reduced to tears after being shut down and fined by local law enforcement for not having a permit.

According to Andre Spicer, the father of this tiny entrepreneur, "She just wanted to put a smile on people's faces, she was really proud of herself."

The father-daughter duo had only been selling lemonade for a short time when law enforcement approached the stand. The officers then began to read from a written script, telling the little girl that she could not sell lemonade without a trading license.

Spicer says that his daughter was clinging to him hysterically throughout the ordeal, crying, "Daddy, Daddy, I've done a bad thing." 

Again, she's only five years old.

Spicer and his daughter received a £150 fine (which amounts to $194.91), after which they had to pack up the lemonade stand and go home. 

Fortunately, local officials later apologized for what happened and have said that the fine will be canceled immediately, explaining, "We are very sorry that this has happened. We expect our enforcement officers to show common sense and to use their powers sensibly."


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